Archery Canada Tir à l'Arc

Archery Canada Tir à l'Arc, run by the Federation of Canadian Archers Inc. (FCA) is a not for profit national sports governing body dedicated to the promotion of archery to all Canadians.  Archery Canada originally came to Cool New Media for assistance in helping grow and maintain their starter website and since that time, we have helped the organization grow their online presention substantially.

We have been working for Archery Canada for a number of years now.  Originally, we created a Joomla 1.5 based website as their online publishing needs were simple at the time.   Today, there is much more going on and we needed to expand the capabilities of the website to meet current and future needs.   For this project, our goal is to help the site grow in a managed and sustainable way, allowing time for the content editors to learn as we add features and make changes.   Drupal was chosen as the best technical fit for the content and layout features Archery Canada required since we could specifically customize some of the outputs that Archery Canada needed.

Some key challenges we are working to overcome on this website:

  • Bi-lingual presentation with English fallback when content was not translated (or not translatable)
  • Content additions and editing by non-technical editors
  • Listing of competitions and results
  • Helping to organize bits and pieces of information

Site Information

Drupal 7 + Bootstrap 3 theme