In the Summer of 2010, WildPlay Element Parks was growing and it needed a more dynamic web system to help meet increasing content changes, marketing objectives, and be ready for future growth and scalability.  Drupal was chosen as the platform to help WildPlay expand its website presentation and allow multiple people to work on the website at once.

Wildplay operates a number of park locations and some information is common between parks. In our design, we setup a system that can repurpose common informational content to help maintain messaging consistancy across parks.  The resulting solution is a system that has well separated content types that are dynamically assembled per park based on what that park contains.  For example, WildPlay Nanaimo has unique information and common information.  Requirements for an activity, such as Monkido, are common for all parks that contain that activity so we created a system where the requirements copy is entered in one location and then shared to each park that contains that activity.   For the future, this will allow Wildplay to change requirements, branding, or activity details and each park location will instantly show the same consistant up-to-date information.

It is a solution will scale well as Wildplay adds new parks in the years to come.

Key Drupal modules used:

  • Views
  • CCK
  • Imagecache
  • Panels
  • Webform