Custom HTML is one of the domains we own and at this time, we do not have any immediate projects for it. In the interm, the site functions and an informational article on the Native American Medicine Wheel.

World of Native Art started as a fully managed directory of First Nations artists where we profiled an artist and presented their work for sale. Over time, it became difficult to make a viable business out of that model so the site was converted to become a hub for finding Native Art around the world.

Village of First Nations

This Village of First Nations was started in 1997 as a web portal for First Nations / Native American peoples. In 1997, the site was home to the 1997 North American Indigenous Games (NAIG) and provided an online presentation for the event. Also, it documented the 1997 Tribal Journey which was a voyage of West Coast canoes powered by First Nations youth, that travelled down the inner coast of Vancouver Island to arrive for the opening of the 1997 NAIG.

Avocet Tours

Avocet Tours is a birding tour company that offers a program of tour destinations throught the year. For this project, the main focus was to present the tour offerings in a logical, readable way.

Brentwood Bluff House

Brentwood Bluff House is a spectacular West Coast waterfront property and it was important in the web site design to capture both the look and feeling of the location.

Secter Environmental Resource Consulting

For Secter Environmental Resource Consulting (SERC), we build a web site that SERC could take over and maintain. The main structure was build to allow content editing and changes using Macromedia Contribute. SERC has been operating their web site since 2004. Lotus Design provided the graphic layout for the initial site.

NorthWest Greeting Cards

Our role for NorthWest Greetings was to build and develop new information based web site for the company with the goal to present NorthWest Greetings new drive and direction as well as a online face for the business.

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