Education / and are part of a large subscription based online interactive current events resource for teachers/students from grades 3 and up.  The service features online quizzes, audio recordings, videos, and more.  For teachers, there is a portal where teachers can track the progress of their students.  For students, Currents4Kids is a place where they can learn the news (reading and comprehension skills) in an friendly and easy to use learning portal.

Key features for this project:

Lesplan: News4Youth

Lesplan has a second website that they run to support and engage their readership in concert with their publications.  Over the summer, we upgraded the News4Youth website from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6.

LesPlan Educational Services

LesPlan came to Cool New Media looking for a developer they can personally deal with and someone who would take a keen interest in the ongoing development and operation of their eCommerce Drupal based web sites. is one of the domains we own and at this time, we do not have any immediate projects for it. In the interm, the site functions and an informational article on the Native American Medicine Wheel.


The Zumer Database Project is the aspiration to create the world’s most comprehensive, accessible and up to date depository of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) performance information.

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